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Why do I feel so tired?

At first we thought something was wrong with Davey, was he ill? Was something bothering him? No, it literally is his new saying before he starts ranting away about something. Yes folks, Davey is back and this time he ranting away about England football and how we as a nation are to territorial. As like our previous two posts that we’ve done, Davey doesn’t always give a full explanation to his rant or even his reasons why, but what we do when he does it is getting memorised and then jot down the related stories that really annoy him. Last time out it was on “teams in the top four” and how it was sad the football teams aim for a position in the league rather than winning something.

This rant was last week then just after the International Break


We are to into our territories. I don’t know what goes on in other countries of course
but do we as a nation become to individual as a nation in other football. I love my
cricket and rugby as well but they come together as England they come together as one.
There is none of this individual club stuff (well except some of them in Yorkshire who
still think they’re the greatest) no matter what county or rugby union club they come
from and support. It all goes out of the window and they support their nation.

When England play football, like us some fans watching we cannot get behind the team.

Don’t get me wrong, our protection of our own city/towns which makes the rivalries
on the domestic front is brilliant and I wouldn’t change that for the world. If players
are not brought up proud of their country within their family, why would they put their
bodies on the line. It’s a parent and generation thing. Other countries come together
as one when the team playing. Not us.

The players of course represent the country, a few probably absolutely love it but
others only see it as a reward and then a distraction. Other sports it’s the pinnacle to
represent their country, not in football, although they say it is. Domestically and
the Champions League it has become to big.

Football fans don’t even watch England anymore if they don’t have to, it’s not a
priority anymore, so why should it be for the player. It wouldn’t surprise me that say
Everton vs Southampton might get more viewers on a Sunday afternoon.


Thanks again to Davey and of course to the pubs where we drink and where he likes to rant away for his contribution to J4G. Another one will be coming soon…

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