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United and Real continue mudslinging as deadline day horror show leaves De Gea stranded


Spain goalkeeper David De Gea has seen his dream Real Madrid move fall apart during the last minutes of the summer transfer window

When the last season drew to a close, there was one transfer saga already simmering under the lid that had the potential to be the biggest deal of the coming summer. The David De Gea transfer saga has definitely got to be one of the longest running transfer sagas ever. It began ages ago, soon after the season drew to a close and has actually managed to survive longer than just the one transfer window because the player is still a Manchester United servant.

Not too many people would have seen that coming and personally, I thought there was no chance in the world that De Gea would remain a United man by the time the transfer window slammed shut. It was anyway the saga of the summer and chances were high that it would be one of the most expensive transfers of the summer as well. And in my eyes, I believed that it could have also been the deal of the summer because signing David De Gea would have to be a massive coup for any football team in the world.


Manchester United Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward has come under heavy scrutiny after the De Gea deal fell through at the last minute

The former Atletico man single-handedly pulled United through many situations last season, and having him in a team as regal as Los Galacticos could make them almost invincible. Unfortunately for Real, the deal will only  be discussed using terms like could and would because they have failed to sign their number one target of the window. Exactly why that happened is still a mystery because all we have to believe are accounts from  the United and the Real camp.

There is, of course, no guarantee that either party is speaking a word of truth as numerous allegations have been launched against the administrators of both the massive football clubs by their counterparts. While Real have labelled the United big wigs as “naive”, United have claimed that the deal fell through due to errors on Real’s part. This whole mess is therefore no different from a kindergarten scuffle between two toddlers who are childishly pointing the finger at each other.


Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has also courted controversy as numerous sources have claimed that he is the one at fault for the botched De Gea deal

Amidst all the pandemonium, there is one party whose demands and needs have been almost forgotten. Not too many people are paying much heed to De Gea himself and exactly how he could be feeling. The first thing that we have to remember is that no matter who says what, it is certain that the player himself wanted the move to happen. He had his eyes set on being a Real Madrid player, which could be why United boss Van Gaal chose to keep him away from the first team.

As things stand, it will be at least six months before De Gea can complete his move to Real but even then, a move will not be too possible. The earliest opportunity that De Gea would get to move to Real would have to be the summer transfer window of the coming season, which means that he would have to spend one whole year in a place he does not want to be. While both the clubs continue to bicker, I only imagine what the player must be going through right now.



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