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Roman took the easy way out and axed Jose, but it’s the Chelsea players who have blood on their hands


Chelsea sacked manager Jose Mourinho earlier in the week after a long string of poor results saw the current holders of Premier League occupy a place towards the bottom of the table

This Premier League season has been all about surprises and there was no bigger surprise than Chelsea Football Club. Nothing is permanent in the world of sport and every team or player will have to endure the downs just like they embrace the ups, but the level to which Chelsea have fallen is truly unimaginable. Many teams have done well one season only to mess up the following campaign. Liverpool went from mid-table mediocrity to serious title contenders and back again in a space of 24 months.

Not too many teams have managed to hold on to the Premier League title, but then again, no team has ever been relegation challengers just the season after they won. Chelsea have broken a few records ever since their upturn in fortunes in 2004, but the record that they have broken this season is the most surprising of them all.


Mourinho is seen here hiding his face as he leaves Chelsea’s Cobham training complex soon after being notified that he had lost his job

No team has done as poorly after winning the title than Chelsea did this season. With 16 games played, the Blues sit in 16th place with 15 points, just one point above the drop zone. And this, is why their manager, Mr. Jose Mourinho, lost his job. The self-proclaimed Special One was sacked just hours before I wrote this article and while a few people in the world of football seem to think that it was a good decision, I cannot help but disagree. How on Earth did they go from unstoppable juggernauts to relegation-threatened whipping boys in barely six months? Is all of this the manager’s fault? I think not.

Is it his fault that the players have been doing so poorly? In fact, I actually think that there could be something very wrong going inside Chelsea Football Club that the world is not aware of. Tell me, how can a world class manager fall so low in such a short span of time with basically the exact same group of players? Things don’t make sense and I feel that the players have blood on their hands. Don’t get me wrong, I personally despise Jose Mourinho as a human being, but I’d be lying if I said that he wasn’t a great coach.


Roman Abramovich had a tough call on his hand but most believe that he made the wrong decision by sacking the Special One

What I’m really interested to see right now is how the players perform under the new manager, whoever he may be. If they’re still playing like a bunch of Sunday league amateurs, we’ll know for sure that this downfall of their club is their fault. If they perform better however, Roman Abramovich will need to really look into his players because it just may be that there may have been some sort of unrest between them and Mourinho.

Chelsea Football Club are in a mess and they have a major problem on their hands, but then again, Roman took the easy way out and sacked the manager because it’s much easier to sack one guy rather than 25. But as things stand right now, Chelsea fans the world over will be hoping that Mourinho was the problem and that all things become okay now that he is gone. But if you ask me, I think things are not that straightforward at Stamford Bridge and things may just get even worse.

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