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Overwhelming influx of top class coaches proves that the PL is nowhere close to dying


Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola are all set to go head to head against each other in the new season of the Premier League

The Premier League, unlike the monopoly that it once was maybe a decade ago, is no more the glitziest football league in the world. A Spanish invasion has laid claim to that honourable title and there are a few reasons why.

Spain is now home to the world’s two most valuable football clubs and alongside that, they also host eight of the world’s top fifteen most valuable footballers. And if these two reasons weren’t enough to convince you that  La Liga is better than the Premier League, then just take a look at the overwhelming success that Spanish teams have enjoyed in continental competitions since the turn of the decade. Spain is the place to be if you’re a hot young footballer wishing to rub shoulders with your idols. England however, is where you should be if you want to make a name for yourself in the toughest league in the world.


Chelsea appointed Italian Antonio Conte as their boss for the new season

The main area in which the Premier League outdoes it’s European rivals is in the area of competitiveness. All the teams in the Premier League are extremely capable footballing sides and it’s hard to predict a victor even when a top side meets a newly promoted one. Other than in this aspect, the Premier League has turned out to be a superpower in yet another field, and that is in the field of managers.

England is now home to the vast majority of the game’s best footballing minds. This was due to an influx of world class managers that started to get employed by English football clubs.


Jurgen Klopp replaced Brendan Rodgers at the helm of Liverpool last October

Leicester got the ball rolling last year as they hired Claudio Ranieri in the summer while Liverpool brought in Jurgen Klopp back in October. Manchester City then appointed Pep Guardiola as their manager for the new season in February while Chelsea followed suit by confirming Antonio Conte as their new boss in April. And to round off the list of household names to take over as managers of Premier League clubs, Jose Mourinho has been announced as the manager of Manchester United a few days ago. Add to that a certain Arsene Wenger who should be heading into his 20th season in charge of the Gunners, and you have a melting pot of the finest coaches in the world of football today. And if this list of football’s most talented men is enough to get jaws dropping then hold on, the Premier League isn’t done yet.

While the aforementioned managers are part of the cream of managerial royalty, there is another class of coaches who have earned tons of respect but cannot claim the same fame as the names mentioned in the above paragraph. In this category, we have Spurs’ boss Mauricio Pocchettino, incoming Watford manager Walter Mazzari, Slaven Bilic of West Ham is another name on this list and so is Saints boss Ronald Koeman.


Manchester United Louis Van Gaal with Jose Mourinho just a few days ago

The Premier League, while not being as powerful on the continental stage as it once was, is still a major superpower in the world of football. It’s not undergone any fall from grace and if anything, it’s moving in the right direction by creating a much more level playing field. And now with so many top class managers all heading to England to ply their trade, things should get even more interesting as we head into probably the most eagerly awaited Premier League season in years.

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