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Infuriating Liverpool allow Rafa another comeback as Klopp’s boys undo all their hardwork


Liverpool legends of the present and the past greeted each other before all affiliations were brought to a halt as Liverpool played Newcastle United at Anfield earlier today

Just when Liverpool fans were beginning to think that their fortunes were turning for the better, they managed to fall flat on their face again. This time, like all of the times in the past, they have only themselves to blame. Call it complacency, mediocrity or downright carelessness, Liverpool have undone all of the hard work that they completed so amicable over the course of the last few weeks.

Leading relegation fighting Newcastle by two goals at home, the Reds allowed their valorous opponents to come back into the game without having to break a sweat. To kick-off my inquest into our dispiriting draw, the first question that I would like to ask God is why Simon Mignolet is still a Liverpool player. Before any of your grab your pitchforks and ransack my house while defending Mignolet for all the countless times his superb shot stopping skills bailed us out of jail, I’d like to remind you that the margin of error at the highest level is minuscule. There’s a fine line between hero and villain and at this level, mistakes made too often are enough to get people sacked.


Sturridge gave Liverpool the lead in the 1st minute of the match after his superb left footed-stroke fizzed into the back of the net past a hapless Karl Darlow

Yes, there have been many occasions where the Belgian our hero, but then again, there have also been quite a few occasions where he’s been our villain. With all due respect to Simon Mignolet, I would like to raise my hands up and accept that I would never be able to be as good a ‘keeper as him, but as far as being the first goalkeeper of Liverpool Football Club is concerned, we definitely need someone better.


The Liverpool players celebrate Daniel Sturridge’s 1st-minute opener that gave the home team a sensational start to the game

Moving on from Mignolet, the second matter of concern that has been bothering me is our lack of consistency. No matter who we make our manager and no matter who we sign, consistency is the key to success. That is exactly why we’ve found so much success in the cup competitions this season. Leagues are marathons and every club needs to maintain a certain speed throughout the course of this exhausting race. Slipping up at any stage of this gruelling journey almost always results in failure.


Newcastle players celebrate Jack Colback’s second half equalizer as they managed to silence the Kop on the day their former manager made an emotional return

Over the course of the past decade, Liverpool have proven on numerous occasions that they are very well capable of pulling off stupendous results against the most intimidating of opponents in the most audacious of ways. Doing this on a regular basis, or to phrase myself better, doing this against the more lesser decorated teams has always been the problem.

It’s extremely frustrating to be a Liverpool fan because you know that your boys are very well capable of blowing apart some of the most impenetrable of defences while reducing the most potent of attacks to mere laymen. But to see the very same team fall against the likes of Stoke City and Newcastle United and Crystal Palace is an all new level of pain altogether.

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