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Davey and his football rants and opinions

From time to time we like to listen to our friend Davey having a few small rants down his local pub. He doesn’t always give a full explanation to his rant or even his reasons why, but what he can do is quickly rant away about football related stories that have annoyed him recently. Most of the time he can have a quick outburst that doesn’t have much subsidence. However once he gets on one we can sit at listen to him for quite a while. Below then are a couple of his most recent rants and opinions.


England manager Sam Allardyce

“I’ll start with Sam Allardyce the new England manager and how he’s been given the job ten years to late. Why give him the job now? If the FA wouldn’t give him the job ten years ago, what makes him a good enough or a better manger now? Keeping Sunderland up, wow!! What else has he done, it’s a no no for me, totally scraping the barrel, that’s my thinking anyway.”

With that, Davey stood up and went to the pub toilet in the corner of the pub we were in. Myself and Adam didn’t even get chance to reply, we just looked at each other and smiled. Davey had given his opinion and we accepted what he thought. Obviously the point that he was trying to make, was how had Big Sam not been given the job all those years ago after achieving nothing. Yet 10 years having still achieved nothing he was now the right man for the job.

Personally I think Allardyce was a good choice, he may not of won trophies but neither had Joachim Löw before he got the Germany job. It’s not all about winning trophies is my opinion, it’s about getting your players to do the job you want them to do. Allardyce has been in the game a long time and him and his staff have a lot of knowledge. Okay, barring his short spell at Newcastle United he has always man managed his players to produce above their level of expectation.

On another occasion we got into a conversion about the most expensive football player in the world – Paul Pogba.


Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola

“Mate, what are you views please on £110,000,000 for pogba!! Really? Heard his agent wanted £25,000,000 as well – WTF???” I’d not heard that I replied but in my opinion… (I didn’t get chance to finish) “Yeah apparently everything else has been decided, apart from who’s going to pay the agent!! WTF indeed mate… 25 million to do what exactly? Well that’s a moan of mine right there. Seriously though, how can an agent demand 25 million to have a player sign a contract! I know there are more to agents than that, but come on! Joke!”

I’ll be honest, when he brought this rant up I hadn’t heard about the agents fees so all I could come back with was “You’ll never get rid of agents pal, and their costs will always go up just like players fees unfortunately. Not long until the season starts now?” and we left it at that.

Thanks to Davey and to the pubs where he likes to rant away for his contribution to J4G.


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