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Davey and his angry “top four” rant

It’s that time again when we like to listen to our friend Davey having a few small rants down his local pub. He doesn’t always give a full explanation to his rant or even his reasons why, but what he can do is quickly rant away about football related stories or things that just really annoy him. Most of the time he can have a quick outburst that doesn’t have much subsidence. However once he gets on one we can sit at listen to him for quite a while. Below then are a couple of his most recent rants and opinions like his ones back in August last year.

Let me set the scene, actually there is no need, we were down the pub as usual the weekend before last when we decided to ask Davey about who would finish in the top four of the Premier League this season?

He took one sip of his beer, then a second and began “Well, I’m not a fan of all this aiming for a top 4 finish in the league, but I get it’s now seems to be part of the game unfortunately, but what is a top team? In 20 years time will fans look back and say, wow that was brilliant when we finished 4th in 2017, I don’t think! So why do a lot of people get excited about it now? For me, you always aim for top spot {shrugs his shoulders}, first place {shrugs his shoulders again} to become champions, anything after that, like qualifying for Champions League is just a bonus.”

Adam and I thought he’d finished, but we of course should have know better as Davey on…

“Look, yes you have to be in it to win it but aiming for 4th place just so you don’t miss out on the money? Really? Why did you get me started on this? Surely it shouldn’t be like that? I suppose that is just the way football is these days and will continue to be. It’s just well, it’s….. {shrugs his shoulders} Does anymore remember who finished 4th in 2001? I bet the fans of the team that did finish 4th that year don’t even remember, do they? Come on, do they?”

Davey had made his point, in some way I do have to agree with him, if you’re just aiming for the top four at the start of the season, rather than top spot. Like Arsenal are sometimes accused of then it is very sad. Later on in the season though when you know you cannot win the league and you’re out of all the cup competitions that of course you have to aim as high as possible. I suppose that goes without saying but at least it gives the season going right until the end. Adam agrees too, but once Davey had finished his little rant we left it at, he’d got quite loud at one point.

Thanks to Davey and to the pubs where he likes to rant away for his contribution to J4G. Another one coming very very soon…

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